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About Us

Our approach

Our team came together around values and a common design approach. Committed to topics such as ecology and sustainable construction, our architectural approach is nourished by the context of the projects on which we work in order to propose relevant interventions, both in terms of landscape and comfort.

Our vision of ecology involves a certain simplicity in design, both functional and economical, seeking to reconcile the cultural identity of the environments in which we operate, with a radical and contemporary design, in particular thanks to a bioclimatic aspect and a work of the material favoring the use of local materials and know-how.

This approach allows us to offer innovative architectural solutions while being deeply rooted in their environment, and to design harmonious architectural experiences by playing with the senses and revealing the natural elements that surround us.

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Tanguy Avanthay, Julien Chalançon, Roxanne Makountz

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